Hamer Candy sugar is used to extract clove, malt, coffee, pomegranate polyphenols, ginsenosides, hydrolyzed protein, fruit enzymes, and other rare herbs. This product is a pure natural food. After 15 years of research by scientific researchers, 13500 people participated in the test, with 153 research reports, indicating that this product is completely non-toxic and has no side effects.



First of all, Hamer Candy is good for improving men’s energy and nourishing internal organs. Moreover, after taking Hamer Candy, it can repair all kinds of damaged tissues and improve men’s function. Hamer Candy contains a variety of natural plant essence ingredients, such as ginseng, pure malt, Cynomorium powder and purple Maca powder, which have their own nutritional effects.

Hamer Candy is a kind of energy candy imported from Malaysia. It is also called Hamer Candy in Singapore. It is also called Hamer Candy, Hamer Candy and Hanma candy. The function of Hamer Candy, and the production and effect of Hamer Candy without adding, harmfulness and side effects. Be loved by customers. Hamer Candy brand center, thank you for your choice!

First of all, this Hamer Candy glycosylation effect is good. Generally speaking, it can be eaten for 3-7 days after taking it. As long as one pill a day, it can immediately shine. Especially for the first time users, it is recommended to take one pill a day, preferably for three consecutive days. The effect of taking it on an empty stomach is better. Generally speaking, taking two pills a week can maintain good effect, and it is true to take it five days in advance In fact, it can play a better consolidation effect. Because taking it once can keep a man consolidating his energy for five days.

Hamer Candy, as a popular product in Southeast Asia, has obvious effect, especially for men. It has a good effect on improving their energy after taking it. Especially if they need to take it in advance, the energy consolidation time will be longer. This kind of male energy candy can keep men energetic for a week at a time, so the effect of taking it in advance will be better.